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SIZE: 50mm x 21mm x 140mm

Each pair of sunglasses is hand-made using only premium-quality materials.

Las Iguanas is a timeless, unisex oval shape with creative details that simulate the textures and features of the islands' most prominent lizard species. This style is sure to adapt and survive the test of time, such as the Marine Iguana.

The Marine Iguana species can only be found on the Galápagos Islands. It is the only lizard species on Earth that lives on land, but swims in the sea to forage and feed on algae. Through evolution, it's snout has been perfectly formed for this task; which inspired our nosebridge shape.

Perched on a bed of lava rock, basking in the sun, the iguana has claimed it's territory along each coast of the archipelago.

GENTLY USED (worn once or simply placed on display) = used in photoshoots or tradeshow displays. 100% fully functioning, no cosmetic issue. Items are cleaned + sterilized. 


BRAND NEW, VERY MINOR COSMETIC ISSUE = 100% fully functioning (& still gorgeous) item that does not meet the high standards for regular sale. An imperfection is practically unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

**Packaging: You will receive your item in any available packaging, with possible minor cosmetic issue. However, it is 100% fully functioning.

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