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I have been lucky to have personally met so many of my customers face-to-face. They have shared wonderful stories and feedback about the glasses or my brand. They have bought repeatedly for themselves, friends, or family.
These moments make me proud of what I do.
I am forever grateful for your support. You keep me motivated and give me insight into the things you enjoy. As a newcomer, to a very tough industry, this is appreciated and helpful.
TYCHE + ISET is a self-taught, self-funded, and self-run business. 
Our eyewear designs are original and with thoughtful intent behind each detail.
We love to create eclectic, statement-piece eyewear!
As an artist, I have utilized every skill and talent to create everything you see from the ground up.
Lots of LOVE,
Morganne Leigh 


I have been watching these glasses for a while, finally purchased 2 pair. They are more beautiful then the pictures showed. I am very happy!

Sheryl Teresa May 26, 2022

I purchased sunglasses and I love them. I customer service was outstanding… I’m about to order another pair.

Carol McKinnon October 12, 2021

Some of the most uniquely crafted eyewear you will ever see! Crafted lovingly, with a fashion-forward focus in mind!

Gayle Kamberos July 25, 2021

Beautiful and well made glasses! Highly recommend! I think im going to have to get another pair very soon!

Heather July 09, 2021

Bought the sunglasses not long before pandemic shut down – and didn’t get to wear them much.
Just brought them back out so they could reemerge along with the rest of us….I love them.
They have good karma.

Alicia March 19, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

iuvhrfdcak March 13, 2021

I stumbled Tyche And Iset online and just fell in love with the bold and unique designs.
I always read up on the values of brands I’m interested in and I am so excited I can cop a gorgeous pair of glasses without compromising my values!

Stella Oceanah Vairo December 01, 2020

Beautiful sunglasses!!! Wish I had every color for the Las Islas!!!

Meena September 11, 2020

I’m not one to own sunglasses because they always slip off my nose or aren’t comfortable. I met Morganne at a fair in Chicago and she was the sweetest and coolest woman ever – I bought the Las Iguanas in green and I’ve been getting SO many compliments on them! The glasses frame my face very well and are super comfortable and go with any style. They sit very comfortably on the nose – it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing sunglasses at all. They are unique, one of a kind, well made (the detail in the frame is incredible) and you’re supporting a women-owned local small business! What else can you ask for?

Fenna April 10, 2020

These sunglasses are so fashionable! I get asked about the brand every time I wear a pair. The design is unique, and I have 2 different styles because I couldn’t just get one. High quality and great designs.

Lisa December 18, 2019

Every time I wear these sunglasses, I get the best compliments from women of all ages! I love their unique fashion style and it seems that’s what attracts women to ask me about them!

Lilijo December 13, 2019

I am OBSESSED with my las mariposas sunglasses. They are so unique yet look great on everyone who has asked to try them on. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Caitlin December 11, 2019

very pleased!!!

asdasd asdasd December 10, 2019

Estan muy bonitos

Evelia December 10, 2019

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