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NFTs } Our Original Digital Art for Sale on OpenSea

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We are so excited to be joining the NFT digital art space on OpenSea! And, since late January 2021, we have been learning more about this burgeoning frontier of the art atmosphere. Opportunities for creatives around the globe are growing exponentially, and we want to be a part of it.


Morganne Leigh, founder and designer of TYCHE + ISET EYEWEAR, is a multi-disciplinary Artist with experience in a wide range of styles: Fine Art, Mixed-Media, Collage, Screenprinting, Printmaking, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Product (+ Eyewear) Design, Photography, Digital Art/Video/Animation, Web Design, CAD Design, and UX/UI Design to name a few. Many of her skills are self-taught. She loves to learn and has used technology throughout her entire career.  


Check out her first NFT on OpenSea: