Iset & the Swallow Bird

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Sometimes, life sends us moments to make us pause. Do you believe those are moments of significance or random coincidences? Personally, I always find the meaning worth reflecting on because the message can be beautiful or insightful. 

Recently, a bird began flying next to me while I was driving on a very busy Los Angeles freeway. It was flying abnormally low. If my window were open, I could have easily touched it! I was immediately worried for it’s safety. However, I was in awe that it was flying at the same speed as my car. I could see it’s eyes and the details of its feathers as we traveled side by side. Moments later, it made a sharp left & was off in another direction.

ISET (Greek name: Isis) is considered a goddess of magic, healing, and motherhood (among many other things). Her undying devotion to her husband is told through a famous myth that cemented her place in history. During her journey in search of the body of her slain husband, Osiris, she took the form of a swallow. She is often associated with birds such as hawks, swallows, and doves. Birds were sacred to Ancient Egyptians, often representing the Divine. 

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