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Article: The Magnificent Hummingbird

The Magnificent Hummingbird

The Magnificent Hummingbird

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It is now September 2020.

Around the world, we are all facing circumstances out of our control and with no clear answers. This leaves many of us in difficult positions emotionally, physically, and financially.

When we are out of balance, this can leave us unmotivated or anxious. 

Whenever I find myself in these emotional predicaments, it often seems that the most simple rewards can change the perspective. And, the Universe knows just when you need to "see" this gift. It could be a beautiful breeze, a blooming flower, the intricate veins on the leaves of a tree, or a colorful sky filled with drifting, giant mountains of clouds. 

This past week, I was on a walk when I came across a hawk, sitting calmly on a patio umbrella, watching me pass by. This is not typical. Immediately, I was reminded of ISET, and I felt she appeared to show that I can trust her guidance. Less than two minutes later, a hummingbird dashed in front of my face. It was so close I could see its eyes and colored feathers as it began to drink from a Bird of Paradise flower (these flowers can symbolize freedom and joy).

Throughout many cultures, birds and animals have often represented the Gods set to deliver a message. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, hawks are sacred. The goddess, ISET, is linked to these intelligent creatures.

The hummingbird is a symbol of strength and bravery in Aztec mythology. Warriors were said to be reincarnated as hummingbirds and are significant to the origin story of the powerful Sun and War god, Huitzilopochtli.

In the form of a hummingbird, the deity led the Aztec people on a long and difficult migration to their future capital and home, Tenochtitlán; an island in the lake of the Valley of Mexico. 

The tiny, but mighty hummingbird is said to inspire you to follow your dreams, even when life is filled with hardships or obstacles. Fight through the challenges.

Was I shown these two birds in succession for a divine message from TYCHE + ISET? Was it a reminder to find freedom and joy in my art? I'd like to think so.

If you are feeling it is difficult to find joy in your life -- go for a nature walk without your phone. You may be surprised at what the Universe will share with you.

Find your peace.



A hawk perched outside the tree of my bedroom window yesterday which is something I’ve never seen before. Moments later, a hummingbird came flying around the hawk and landed on a tree branch next to the hawk (who seemed unfazed by the hummingbird, it was like they knew each other 🙂). I started searching for the symbolism of the hawk and hummingbird in Egyptian mythology and came across this post. Thanks for sharing your experience. A confirmation to stay sharp on my path, while also enjoying the beauty of process 💕


Very apropos for me at this time …I just lost one of my darling sisters and husband within a week. I have always loved nature and birds and animals.
Thanks for brightening my day….this summer I planted some flowers on my deck and had several humming birds visit and a lot of other beautiful birds come to eat like the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and their babies, Robins and some I didn’t recognise. Seeing them since I lost my husband, three years ago, always makes me feel well. And, now your photo just attracted me ….so precious. Thank you for bringing me joy. I am now going out to my deck.

Elaine V Matheson

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